10 Most Interesting Jobs in India

Jobs in India

There are a lot of job opportunities you can consider after completing your studies. Everyone gets to a stage of their life when we think about what should we do in our life? In the past, the answer to this question would probably be doctors, engineers, teachers, nurses, etc. But with time, many job opportunities have come into existence. 

The ongoing pandemic has impacted jobs globally. The employees are moving their workspace to home and, some are even losing their jobs. Technological advancements backed by AI have taken over the larger portion of future job markets. 

We can expect that new career opportunities would emerge in the future. When searching for a job, we always consider salary as an essential factor. A high-paying job ensures financial security and enables one to pursue a good lifestyle. 

1) Digital Marketing 

Digital Marketing is the best career choice as the field includes a wide range of job choices. There are so many reasons why one should choose digital marketing as a career. First of all, it is a lucrative career. Secondly, it offers a high salary package. 

Currently, there’s a high demand for digital marketers. As a digital marketer, you have to expand businesses over the internet. Working as a digital marketer is fun, you get to meet people and learn things. If you worked as a copywriter, web developer, then you can get into this field. 

2) Content Writer 

Content writer is closely related to online marketing. Creating engaging content can help you boost your branding. The advantage of working as a freelance content writer is that the flexibility the job offers. Furthermore, you can work from home which is great if you don’t like stepping out of your home. You can work at any hour of the day, which means you have time for everything. 

Working as a content writer doesn’t require a degree. If you’re good at writing complicated reports or product descriptions, you’re good to go. You can make good earnings from home. At present, content writers are high in demand. 

3) Environmental Scientist 

If you want to make a difference in the world, then choose a career as an environmental scientist. While the others fields continue to grow, our environment remains in danger. Humans impact the physical environment in many ways. To preserve nature, we need more environmentalists. The job market for an environmental scientist is very stable.

We can expect a spike in growth in the upcoming years. You can opt for several career paths if you’ve earned a relevant degree from a well-known university. The starting salary of an entry-level Environmental scientist starts from 20,000. 

4) Therapist 

If you want to help others make their lives better then consider a career as a therapist. When we talk about therapists then we think about people who provide their services to patients who are suffering from mental illness or going through a lot in their lives. 

Most therapists have their clinics or they partner up with an organization, rehab centers, schools, and hospitals. As per one study, around 1.9 million jobs are created in the healthcare sector in the upcoming years. It feels good when you see a person improving just because of you. A new survey revealed that about 80-90% of the therapists are satisfied with their job. 

5) Veterinarian 

Being an animal lover, you must have dreamed of becoming a vet. Nowadays, most pet owners consider their pets as part of their family. If anything happens to them, they would rush to a vet. 

The field continues to grow and by the end of 2030, the job market for vets will expand at a rate of more than 30%. To become a full-fledged vet, you have to complete a four years undergraduate degree. An entry-level vet makes around 5 to 10 lakhs per annum. 

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6) Mobile App Developer 

Mobile app developers are very much in demand. If you’re starting new, then at first expect a salary of 5 to 6 lakhs per annum. You don’t have to work for any organization. If your developed app becomes popular then you can earn a lot. 

There are some great mobile app developers like Brian Wong, Nick D’Aloisio, Chad Mureta, and many more who continue to inspire young minds. This profession has a good future scope. A study reveals, 92 percent of time spent on mobile is spent using apps, so the demand for mobile app developers would not decrease any time sooner. 

7) Chef

If you love to cook then choose chef as a career. Most people love eating out so, when the customers appreciate your cooking, it feels great. Working in a kitchen the entire time can be difficult but at the end of the day, it’s about satisfaction. 

In India, an executive chef would around 10 to 50 thousand per month. The hospitality industry is steadily growing. You can get a Bachelor’s degree in Culinary Arts to get into the job. If you don’t have any degree then run your restaurant. 

8) Web Developer 

The exponential growth of the internet has also paved the way for another interesting job in the digital domain: web developer. As the name suggests, your work is most associated with building websites and keep up with their maintenance. 

While, you don’t need a specific degree to become a web developer, but coming from a computer application background can give you the right head start. 

You can always opt for upskilling, via learning on YouTube or any other free resource online. That being said, if you have a knack for designing, you can always direct your career path towards web designing.

9) Cybersecurity Professionals

The world of the internet has given birth to another thriving job role. After all, protecting data and maintaining security for an enterprise is not an easy role. Especially, with all the hackers lurking around, waiting for that single glitch within the system. 

This is where companies prefer to hire cybersecurity professionals. In other words, your task is going to be upholding the security of your company, while protecting its data from malpractices. 

As a cybersecurity expert, you are going to work near firewalls, proxies, and maintaining the online reputation of the brand. And for an important task like this, companies tend to compensate with a handsome package as well.

10) Ayurveda Healer 

Ayurveda means the “Science of Life”. It is an ancient practice that focuses on the well-being of an individual through natural plant-based remedies. 

Ayurveda has gained popularity in the West as well. There are so many organizations outside India where you can work. 

To become an ayurvedic doctor, you need to have a degree in BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurveda Medical Surgery). The average salary of an Ayurvedic healer in India is 20 thousand to 1 lakh. The salary mainly depends on your patients and hours of work. 

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Wrapping Up 

Choose government jobs if you want all the tangible perks that come with them. If you’re open to risk, then opt for private jobs. More importantly, choose a career option that makes you happy. We advise students to analyze each job and find the one that makes them satisfied.