Top 8 Highest Paying Government Jobs in India

Best Government Jobs

Well, most Indians opt for government jobs as it ensures security and government personnel enjoy high prestige in society. Lakhs of candidates apply for government jobs every year. It is quite difficult to clear these examinations still people are switching to government jobs with all the perks associated with it. The government sector offers several benefits when compared to the private sector. You’ll get a ton of benefits including medical benefits, retirement life benefits, and many more. It is seen in India that the number of government job aspirants is gradually increasing at an alarming rate. In this article, I’ve listed some of the best government jobs in India.

1) Indian Foreign Services

You have to clear UPSC to become an Indian Foreign Services officer. It is a very prestigious job as you’re representing your county internationally. IFS officers deal with the external affairs of the country. They spent most of their time in foreign countries and their salary is around 60k to 1.2 lakhs along with extra benefits and allowances. You have to have at least a Bachelor’s degree to apply for the IFS. Though you’ll get a lot of benefits it’s a very stressful job. Let’s look at some of the benefits IFS officers get:

  • They are given wonderful accommodation in the best cities in the world. 
  • Medical benefits.
  • They’re allowed to travel free.
  • Their children get free education in top international schools. 
  • They are offered official luxury cars. 
  • Grade A salary.

2) Defense Services

Defense Services are essential in tackling emergencies and other important issues involving risks. It is one of the respected jobs and the benefits are exceptional. To join the services, you have to go through several exams like CDS, NDA, AFCAT, etc. The profession is popular amongst the youngsters as they find the profession adventurous and fun. Indian defense force is considered one of the bravest and largest in the world. The Indian armed forces comprise three professional uniformed forces; the Indian Army, the Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force. You can check the eligibility criteria on the official website. Here are some of the benefits they enjoy:

  • Free ration. 
  • Allowance for children’s education. 
  • Allowed to travel free.
  • Healthcare benefits. 
  • Pension after retirement. 
  • Good salary. 

3) IAS and IPS  

IAS and IPS is a good career option for people who are looking for a good salary as well as respect in the society. They are given huge responsibilities so it can be quite stressful. But looking at the perks it’s worth your time and effort. For every aspiring IAS or IPS officer, you need to crack the Union Public Service Commission Civil Services Exam (CSE). In fact, when compared the pay of an IAS officer is relatively higher than that of an IPS officer. Moreover, IAS officers are more superior both in terms of authority and salary. Here are some of the benefits that the job offers: 

  • They are offered an official luxury vehicle with a chauffeur.  
  • Given a wonderful accommodation. 
  • They get free electricity, water, and gas. 
  • Lifetime pension. 
  • Healthcare services. 

4) Scientists and Engineers in ISRO, DRDO

Youngsters who are interested in research and development can opt for this career option. They can apply for the posts of scientists and engineers in ISRO, DRDO. Working in such organizations would earn you huge respect in society. You’re doing something for the development of the country and making your country proud globally. ISRO is one of the largest government space agencies in the world so working there is an honor. Neither less to say, you should have a relevant degree in pure science or engineering disciplines to apply for the post. These are the perks of being a scientist or engineer in ISRO:

  • Bonus after every six months.
  • Free food and accommodation. 
  • Allowances for different purposes.  
  • Recognition in society.  

5) Indian Forest Services 

People who like spending most of their time in nature and explore the wilderness then you can opt for this job. Though work-life balance is tough but looking at the benefits the job offers, it’s a good career option and allows you to travel. Their major responsibility is to implement the National Forest Policy. To become a forest officer a candidate should have a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture or Forestry or other related subjects from a recognized institution. You would get great respect in society as well as a ton of benefits. Let’s look at some of the benefits these officers get. 

  • They are given the best accommodation. 
  • Free ration, electricity, and phone calls. 
  • Offered a housemaid. 
  • Official vehicle and chauffeur. 
  • Grade A salary. 
  • Medical facilities. 

6) Textile Engineer

While the textile industry is very niche-specific, there is a huge scope in the government sector. Based on the current scenario, there is a huge reform currently required within the industry. Textile engineers involves with developing and working on new technologies that can further escalate the industry. This, in turn, promotes growth by ensuring minimum damage whatsoever. Your job description also requires designing various fabrics, processing yarns used for various purposes. India is one of the major manufacturers of textile offers great versatility when it comes to opting for government jobs within the sector. 

  • Scope for applying as Quality Control Specialist, Operations Manager.
  • The average salary of up to 6 LPA for all the freshers.
  • Further opportunity with added experience.

7) Lecturers/ Professors in Government Colleges and Universities 

If you are someone who has an interest in teaching, opting for lecturers or professors in Government Institutes is just the right fit for you. As the old saying goes by, “Teaching is the most peaceful job of all time.” Neither less to say, you can enjoy enough of your free time while indulging in other activities. The salary for an assistant professor in some of the top colleges throughout India can go as high as 1 lakh per month. Neither less to say, for all the Ph.D. holders, you can always expect a higher pay scale. On the contrary, the salary for professors in art colleges remains lesser within the bandwidth. 

  • Offers a piece of mind.
  • Requires specialization in your field of study. 
  • Benefits include medical facilities, laptop allowances, and more. 

8) State Service Commissions 

Just like UPSC conducts its examination throughout India while offering posts for the Central Government, the same goes for the State level as well. For every other state, they conduct their examination. Some of these include SDM (Sub-Divisional Magistrate), Tehsildar, ETO (Excise and Taxation Officer), DSP (Deputy Superintendent of Police), and many others. One of the advantages of preparing for SSC is due to fewer competitions as compared to any UPSC examination. Above all, you don’t have to worry about the transfer, as you would serve within the state. 

  • A wide variety of incentives.
  • Better scope for career growth.
  • Furnished houses, electricity allowances, etc.
  • Healthcare benefits. 

Get Your Best Government Jobs

Though government jobs don’t offer flexibility like other private jobs. Apart from a good salary, perks, and bounces government jobs offer medical benefits, paid holidays which is amazing. If you’re pursuing any degree then you can get many government job opportunities in your desired field. But you have to be excellent in your respective field.