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Hindi Translator Jobs

Hindi is one of the most spoken languages in the world with over 615 million speakers worldwide. As there are over 21 recognized languages in India but Hindi is the official language of the country. So, it is evident that the demand for Hindi translators has been increasing with each passing day. India has undergone major changes and has successfully established itself as one of the strongest democratic countries in the world. So, there is a rising demand for Hindi translators both in India and abroad. 

As a Hindi translator, you can either do freelancing or work for a reputed organization. The salary is decent. In India, the entry-level Hindi translator earns 10 to 20k in a month. As you gain experience it would increase with time. If you specialized in a certain field then make sure to include it in your CV. It can work in your favor. In this article, we would look at some of the best Hindi translator jobs. 

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How to Become a Hindi Translator?

A translator is a person who translates a piece of information from one language to another. The importance of a Hindi translator is important in global business and other sectors. With globalization, people have come closer and all the people around the world are interested in each other’s culture and language. To become a Hindi translator, you have to be well-versed with the language. A translator should at least know two or more languages. 

A few years back, English was important but nowadays, other languages are gaining equal importance. The more foreign languages you know the better. It would work for your benefit. There’s a huge scope for Hindi translators in the upcoming years. You can easily find Hindi translator jobs in both government and private sectors. Hindi translators play a key role in a different global business so the rate of unemployment in the Hindi translation field is less than in other fields. 

Salary of a Hindi Translator 

The salary of a Hindi translator depends on his or her skills and areas of expertise. A successful Hindi translator would somewhere get around 40 to 50k per month. You can earn up to 60k to 1 lakh working as a freelancer. If you’re working in the government sector then you can get up to 50k to 1.5 lakhs. As a government translator, you get to travel to different places and offered wonderful accommodations. 

If you want to stand out as a Hindi translator then knowing more than two-three languages would work in your favor. If you’re a beginner then we advise you to learn more than two languages. The work of translators is diverse. You have to translate books, letters, proposals, papers and many more. Any documentation that needs to be translated into Hindi. 

Eligibility of a Hindi Translator  

You need to get a degree in Hindi to become a Hindi translator. To get this degree you need to have a high school degree. Furthermore, you can also opt for other degrees in your desired subjects like Japanese, Mandarin, Spanish, and many more. If you know more than two languages then it acts as a plus point in your translation career.  

Types of Job Roles as a Hindi Translator 

When you’re qualified enough to take up a job then you can opt for any of these fields depending on your areas of expertise. 

  • Health or Medical Translators: Medical translators work in healthcare settings. Their main task is to interpret complicated Hindi medical terminologies in English or other foreign languages. 
  • Legal or Judicial Translators: Legal or judicial translators work in legal settings. They translate information from one language to another and assist monolingual people. They should be aware of all legal terminologies. 
  • Literary Translators: They translate texts from a foreign language to another or vice versa ensuring that the meaning of the texts remains the same when translated. 
  • Conference Translators: They work in internal business conferences. Their main task is to deliberately translate information to two different parties. For instance, you have to travel to a foreign state with the Prime Minister. If you’re proficient in that language then you can give precise unfiltered information to both parties. 

Best Websites to Find a Job as a Hindi Translator 

If you’re in this field then you can rely on these websites to get a job as a Hindi translator. 

1) Upwork 

Upwork is the most popular website amongst freelancers. If you’re a skillful translator then your chances of getting a job on this site are high. First, visit the site and sign in. Now, they would ask you to fill up the qualification form. You can also upload a video describing all your skills and why they should hire you. 

2) Fiverr 

You must have heard about Fiverr. It is one of the biggest freelancing websites. You would find people from all over the world here. You must be a registered member to earn money on Fiverr. 

3) Freelancer 

You would come across a lot of freelancing Hindi translation jobs on Freelancer. But to get a freelancing job on Freelancer you need to proficient in English, Japanese, French, and other foreign languages. 

4) LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is a social media platform for job aspirants. You would get a lot of job opportunities here. As a Hindi translator, you can reach out to clients and work for them. Maintaining your profile is important to attract prospective clients. 

5) Guru 

Guru is one of the popular freelancing platforms for both novice and professional Hindi translators. Make an account and give all the relevant information needed to find a job. If you get a free membership plan on Guru then you have to give 8.9% of your earnings to Guru. 


For language enthusiasts and professionals, is a great platform to connect to potential clients. If you want to make a career on it, then sign in to today. To browse jobs on you need to choose two languages you’re comfortable in. 

7) Shine 

Finding a job on Shine is easy for Hindi translators. You can find a ton of translation jobs on Shine. You can either work full-time or part-time. As an entry-level translator, you can earn up to 30k in a month. 

8) Quickr Jobs

Quickr has become one of the popular job platforms amongst job seekers. You can either work full-time or part-time from home. For starters, you would get around 10 to 15k in a month. They would give you regular updates on your preferred job option. 

9) Monster India  

Monster India is another great platform for job hunters. You would get well-paid translation jobs on Monster India. Create an account and upload your resume. After that, you can browse your preferred job type. 

10) TranslatorsHub 

TranslatorsHub is a platform where you can find multiple translation projects. Join TranslatorsHub and get your first freelancing project today. You can find clients from all over the world who would pay you handsomely. 

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Earn Money Speaking Your Mother Tongue 

There are ample job opportunities for Hindi translators in India. To become a successful Hindi translator, you need to build a rich translation memory and stay updated with the latest translator tools. Hindi translation services are in demand. The salary varies depending on your skills and areas of expertise.