How to Prepare for Jobs Interview

Prepare for Jobs Interview

Be it for an entry-level position or any senior executive post, an interview plays an integral part while looking out for employment. The interview is your gateway towards receiving a job offer by showcasing your educational qualification and creating an ever-lasting impression on the hiring team. That is why it is very important you are at your best before presenting yourself in front of the interviewer. We have curated this article, offering you the right assistance on how to ace an interview.

What You Need to Do to Ace an Interview? 

When it comes to increasing your chances for cracking your interview, there are several factors at play. You need to invest an adequate amount of time while preparing yourself. You need to keep track of even the most subtle aspects including how you portray yourself while working on your soft skills and communication. Here’s what you need while preparing for your job interview: 

  • Research: Acquire knowledge of everything you need to know about the company and the position you are currently applying for. 
  • Planning: How you portray yourself professionally has a huge impact on your interview. 
  • Practice: You should always practice some of the most commonly asked questions during an interview. 

Learn the Right Way to Ace Your Job Interview 

Here are some of the most important aspects you need to keep in mind when it comes to successfully acing your job interview: 

1) Heavily Research Your Potential Employer 

While preparing for an interview, always start with researching about the organization. Acquire everything there is to know about their accomplishments, mission, and vision. Your first step is to learn about their history, including the founder, current CEO while keeping an eye on their values and culture. You can also look for recent news while discovering future prospects of the company. Such researches will always come in handy especially answering your interview questions. With concise knowledge regarding the organization, you can easily tally if you are the right candidate for them. 

2) Pay Close Attention to the Job Description 

Since you are going to opt for a certain job role, it is quite natural that you have a clear understanding of the responsibilities. Also, pay close attention to the keywords used while advertising the required skillsets and experience. Tally the same as yours, so that your qualification can directly correlate to the given job description. This, in turn, can be helpful in case the interviewer starts throwing questions related to the JD. 

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3) Work on Common Interview Questions

If you want to know the secrets of how to ace an interview, always start with preparing for the most commonly asked interview questions. In fact, at the end of this article, we have curated some of these standard questions that interviewers prefer to ask. Always keep in mind to change your focus based on the organization and position you are currently applying for. 

4) Go Through the STAR Method 

During almost every job interview, the hiring manager tends to ask behavioral questions. The primary reason being to properly evaluate your problem-solving skills and how you handle your workspace. Keeping that in mind, you should always prepare yourself for such questions. The STAR stands for situation, task, action, and result. In case you are asked any such question, always start with properly explaining the situation. You can always discuss your role in it, along with the actions that could be taken against such challenges. End your answer with the desired result. 

5) Look for the Dress You Will be Wearing 

Dressing appropriately is a must-have when it comes to creating that first impression in front of the hiring team. Based on the recent survey, the majority of the interviews actually recommend wearing blue that clearly indicates the candidate is a team player. Similarly, there’s an entire array of colors that can help you to portray yourself differently. While black is generally associated with leadership qualities, white portrays you are organized, gray for logic, and lastly red to showcase you are dependable. On the contrary, you should always avoid wearing bright colors like orange which is considered unprofessional. 

6) Work on Your Posture 

Your hand movements have a huge contribution while creating that first impression. Holding your palm downwards is a clear indication of dominance while concealing them indicates you have something to hide. In the end, keep check of overusing your hand gestures. 

7) Don’t Forget to Follow Up 

Just because your interview is over doesn’t mean you can’t increase your chances of getting hired. It is always a nice gesture to send a thank-you mail to the hiring manager within a day or two after the interview. This way, not only you can showcase your gratitude but also express your interest in the position. 

Commonly Asked Job Interview Questions

Your job interview is never without getting asked any one of these questions. In fact, regardless of the post, you are applying for, some of these questions are inevitable. So, in this section, we are going to discuss some of the most commonly asked job interview questions and how you can answer them strategically. 

1) Tell me about yourself

Chances are you might come across this question right after entering the room. The sole purpose of the interviewers to ask such a question is to know about your background. That being said, make sure you answer as briefly as possible. You can always start with how you advanced in your career, adding a touch of your professional history along with all the important aspects. 

2) What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?

As your potential employer, the interviewer has all the right to properly evaluate you and learn all the areas where you currently excel or require improvement. Your response should always start with describing your technical skills that are beneficial for the current job role. As for your weakness, choose the areas where you have taken precautions. This way, you can turn the table by showcasing the positive aspects of your career. 

3) Why are you applying for this position? 

These types of questions are generally asked by the interview to examine where you have a clear understanding of the job profile or not. On the flip side, this is just the right opportunity you need to demonstrate your research abilities. While answering such questions, you can always add the company’s mission along with your vision while utilizing the position. 

4) Why did you leave the job? 

In case you are coming from a different professional background, or transitioning to your current role, it is one of the few questions that need answering. We would recommend not to pass any negative comment while answering such questions regarding your previous employer, company, or job role. In case you can bring forth positivity by simply saying you needed professional growth. 

5) Why should we hire you? This is by far one of the most direct questions interviewers might you while expecting a similar answer as well. In fact, it is one of the major determining factors for how to ace an interview. One of the most promising responses includes putting more emphasis on your skills, discuss your achievements, and explaining why you are just the right fit for the job role.