Easiest Ways How to Get Online Survey Jobs

online survey jobs

If you are someone who wants to earn some extra cash in your leisure time, online survey jobs are just the right fit for you. With a plethora of online websites to choose from, you can actually join in any one of them and start earning money right away. With flexible working hours, it is the right opportunity for everyone. Just devote 30 minutes of your day and you can earn $300 to even $500 per month with ease.

The Demand for Online Survey Jobs 

As far as the business world is concerned, it is never a good idea to launch any untested product. So, instead of spending millions of dollars on a completely new product, they can just make sure whether people are interested in the first place. In terms of marketing, it is better known as market research.

And this, in turn, has created market research as an industry within itself. Companies spend thousands of dollars to ensure that they bring forth the right product in front of the audience. This is where online surveys come to save the day. Being a part of the market research firm, it becomes your task to complete these surveys and answer with utmost honesty.

Best Websites for Online Survey Jobs 

There are a plethora of websites out there on the internet when it comes to finding online survey jobs. So, here we have curated some of the best websites that you can follow to find surveys in no time.

1) ySense

ySense is by far the most popular website on our list. There are several ways in which you can start making money from them. For starters, you can always start taking surveys. Apart from that, there’s always an option for completing minor tasks and promoting the website via referral code. By performing tasks on a regular basis, you can always each a considerable amount of money. There are several ways in which you can collect your payment. There’s an option for PayPal, Skrill as well as Reward Link India.

2) Your Survey 

One of the easiest websites to ever work with. People from the age of 13 years and above can easily apply for Your Survey. Just bear in mind, there’s a pre-qualifier round that you need to pass before you can start receiving paid surveys. If you want to complete the maximum number of surveys, this is just the right website for you.

3) PrizeRebel

An excellent website that offers a plethora of ways to earn money in the comfort of your home. This added versatility is what made the popularity of PrizeRebel in the past few years. For starters, there are always options to take part in online surveys, complete offers provided by different countries as well as opt for the winning contests. Jus by devoting 15 to 30 minutes a day, you can easily earn $150 to $200 every single month. Further including, there’s also a referral program available.

4) InboxDollars 

Inbox Dollars is very unique on its way. Right after enrolling, you will be credited with $5. Certainly, you don’t withdraw the money right away. For that, you need to earn some extra cash while working with them. With their point-based system, you can actually earn quite a lot while taking a survey. Along with taking payouts, there’s also the option to opt for shopping vouchers that you can easily redeem from various online stores. In other words, perform simple tasks and get the product you have always desired for.

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5) Zen Surveys 

If you are looking for superior quality online survey jobs Zen Surveys is your one-stop solution. You can actually make a considerable amount of money, just by taking a single survey. But, our recommendation would be not to get your hopes too high. While talking about quality, you can only expect a few surveys throughout the month. So, also consider some of the other alternatives at the same time.

6) Opinion World 

Just as the name suggests, this is where your opinion truly matters. Opinion World is becoming one of the most promising websites within the domain of survey. The majority of the surveys that you can find out there are either based on services or consumer products. This makes it quite easy to answer these surveys and perform tasks. So, you can enroll right away and start earning money in no time.

7) Timebucks

Timebucks is mostly known for its short surveys. These are quite simple to perform as well. Right after enrolling in Timebucks, you would be given location-based surveys. There’s also a $1 sign-up bonus once your application form is accepted. Just keep in mind, Timebucks is becoming one of the fastest-growing communities which is why there’s a huge opportunity working with them.

8) SwagBucks 

SawgBucks offers regular survey tasks to its members. Now, their offerings are not only constrained to surveys. There are various ways in which you can earn money from them. This includes making a simple purchase online, searching the web, or even watching videos. You can either redeem your earnings directly to your PayPal account or trade them for Amazon gift cards.

9) Amazon Survey 

A hidden gem on its own, Amazon actually invites its customers sometimes for taking surveys. Now, this is not the regular survey job that you would find all the time. Generally, Amazon invites via email. Just bear in mind, there are several scams out there in the market, so stay vigilant and work accordingly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How many surveys I can receive from these websites? 

There are various factors that actually determine the total number of surveys you can actually receive from these websites. This includes your country of origin and the total amount of time you can devote while performing these tasks. On average you can always expect a minimum of 20 to 50 surveys within a month. So, make sure that you join all the above-mentioned websites and complete as many surveys as possible.

2) What will be my earnings performing online surveys? 

Based on your job profile and the total number of surveys you can complete from these websites, you can easily expect somewhere between Rs 10,000 to 20,000. Just bear in mind, you need to be consistent with your work and complete as many tasks as possible. In case you are looking forward to increasing your income, there are various other online jobs you can opt for.

3) What are the modes of payment methods? 

For most of the websites, you would receive your payment directly to your PayPal account. PayPal is completely free to join and you can easily link your bank account to receive payment throughout India. In fact, PayPal is one of the easiest platforms to receive payments and conduct business. So, you don’t have to worry about getting your money stuck in case it’s coming from abroad.

Get Started with Online Survey Jobs 

That was our curated list of online survey jobs you can receive from some of the most legitimate websites. So, don’t let your free time go to waste. Consider it as your side hustle and start earning right away. Choose the website that works best for you and you are always good to go.